Collection: Seamoss Gels, Customized Fruit Infused Sea Moss & Raw Sea Moss

Gel'Lush Expressions satisfies all of your Seamoss needs. From herbal infused seamoss gels to delicious fruit infused jars.  Browse our selection of raw  seamoss available in purple and gold varieties when available. No time to make your own Seamoss Gel? We've got you covered. Try our Seamoss Gel jars perfectly blended to a smooth consistency. Customized blends are delicious enough to be eaten alone or added to your favorite foods. No chemicals, preservatives or natural flavorings added. Safe for pregnant or breastfeeding Mothers.

*Flavored Seamoss gel contains fruit it is highly perishable. Consider overnight shipping if you are shipping to very hot areas. If you have Iodine intolerance seamoss may NOT be the best option for you. Seamoss is a rich source of Iodine.  Do your research and consult with your physician if concerned.