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Gel’Lush Expressions

SheaFusion Lotion

SheaFusion Lotion

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Tired of expensive lotions that provide absolutely no nourishment to the skin? SheaFusion is for use on dry irritated and sensitive skin.  SheaFusion Lotion is a trusted Gel’Lush Expressions family recipe used to help with fiery skin flare ups. SheaFusion is wound healing, hydrating and can be used on  all dry skin areas of the face, neck and body. We carefully infuse quality African Shea Butter with several in house made oils and extracts such as Neem, Oregano, Blackseed,and Rosewood to name a few. Used to help soothe various fiery, inflamed skin ailments and speed healing. No dyes or fragrances. Simply Shea Butter and Herbal Oils. This product will smell slightly earthy. If struggling with severe dryness follow up with our thick and herbally rich SheaGarden Butter to lock it all in.


Suggest patch testing before widespread use. If irritation is present discontinue use. 

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